Latest League News

The Friday League

Our traditional Friday League is our own in-house league. 
Six teams playing 3 wood triples over 18 ends. This is played over the winder period when a few outdoor players come in to keep warm! There are four players in each team allowing one player in the team to have a evening off. We have few reserve players we can call upon when needed. The league runs until the week before Easter where it is decided who is the best team.

You can follow how the season is going by Clicking here

Test Valley SMBA League

Waterside Short Mat Bowls Club has joined the Test Valley Short Mat Bowls Association this season, this allows us to play against other likeminded players at different clubs. This give us the opportunity to learn to play on different mats in different environments, also to gain better knowledge of the game. Their are 7 home and 7 away matches over the season. on top of them there is several one day competitions and the Jock Dixon Cup.

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