Friday League

The Friday League in its current format has been running since 2017, it was played as fours but just lately it is played as triples. It runs from October/November and finishes just before Easter.
A shield was kindly donated by Dave and Jean Renyard in 2018.
All the teams want to win, get their names on the shield. See below how the teams getting on. 

This year it has been tight at the top and at the bottom. With the top two teams battling it out for the Trophy.

Results from Friday 22nd March 
Team A beat Team C 21 - 10 
Team F beat Team D 18 - 14 
Team E beat Team B 28 - 9

Team A just went for it whilst team C tried to retain them but Team A was too strong. Wins for Team F & Team E tidied up the bottom of the league. All players did their best. A good seasons bowling

Penultimate games of the season, corr dear it is getting tight at the top only one more week to go.

Results from Friday 15th March 
Team B beat Team D 18 - 17 
Team E beat Team A 15 - 14 
Team C beat Team F 21 - 10

Team D let it slip by loosing to team B so now out of contention. Team E took a good scalp with win over team A on a tight measure on the last end. 
All to play for next week

The last week of February and things have changed. Losses at the top and movement further down the table.

Results from Friday 23rd February
Team D beat Team E 16 - 13
Team A beat Team F 27 - 8
Team B beat Team C 23 - 22

Team D with a win now tied top. Team B beating the league leaders by 1 point pushes them up to 4th position.
With only 4 weeks to go, it is all to play for. 

A few weeks later into February 2024 A few changes has happened at the top and at the bottom of the league

Results from Friday 16th February
Team C beat team F 36-5
Team B drew with team D 15-15
Team A beat team 18-8

With team B getting a draw with team D. Two shots by the skip on the last end put them up to 5th place.
Team D are now at the top. How long will it last? 

Two more weeks into 2024  These are the results are from Friday 19th January 2024
Last nights results:-

Team A beat Team B 21 - 13
Team E beat Team F 16 - 10
Team D beat Team C 14 - 11

With two wins on the trot Team D is now 3 points above 2nd place team D. Team B had a win last week but still stuck on the bottom. 

First game of the New Year These are the results are from Friday 6th January 2024

Last nights results:-

Team F beat Team C 13 - 12
Team D beat Team B 15 - 14
Team A beat Team E 18 - 11

With Team D getting a close win over Team B and
Team C loosing to Team F, this put Team D at the top, will it last? 

This is the results from the last league game of 2023
Friday League Results for 16th December

Team D beat Team A 21 - 10
Team C beat Team E 13 - 12
Team F beat Team B 27 - 9

This moves Team A into 2nd position.
All to play for in the New Year    

These are the results are from Friday 24th November
Last nights results:-

Team A beat Team E 20 - 13
Team C beat Team F 15 - 14
Team D beat Team B 20 - 13

After five games we now have a tie for top spot, as they are equal on shot difference and points.

These are the results from Friday 27th October

Last nights results:- 
Team E drew with Team D 14 - 14 
Team A beat Team F 18 - 8 
Team C beat Team B 21 - 13

These game are played to very serious level. All the players want to do their best for their team.

After two games of the season, this is how it is going