The waters edge Hythe
The waters edge Hythe
QEII Sports Pavilion
QEII Sports Pavilion

Where we are

We are situated in Blackfield, not far from the village of Hythe along the Southampton waters.

Two minutes away from the New Forest and in the other direction we have the beaches of Calshot and Lepe.

We use the Facilities of the QEII Pavilion, Thornbury Avenue, Blackfield, managed by Fawley Parish Council

The club plays all year round

If you fancy playing then come along on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday

This sport is played by people of all ages, not too strenuous and is a good form of exercise.
If you are an experienced player and have played before, then all the better 

You will need a pair of Flat Soled shoes (no heels) that have not been worn out side.
Alternatively have a go in your socks. More about this when you get here. We do have some club woods you can try to see how you get on, then you can look at getting some of your own. 

First it would be best to buy some secondhand woods as new ones can come up expensive. But that is the same with most sports. After a couple of sessions you will be on your way, if you are happy with playing the sport then you will need to join our happy club.

Playing Times

The club plays three times a week most weeks of the year and through out the summer. We can put out three mats as needed, it is a bit cosy but there is the room!

Mondays                                                        2pm until 4pm roll up
Wednesdays                                                10am until 12 noon roll up
Friday (summer time)                                  7pm until 9pm roll up
Friday (winter time)                                     6pm until 8.30pm Friday League

During the year, on a Sunday we arrange an in-house Fours or Triples Competitions and run singles competitions on a Monday before the roll up session. Also we invite Victoria Park Short Mat Bowls Club over from the Isle of Wight.

How To Play Short Mat Bowls

Bowling the Wood
Bowling the Wood

Halfway down the bowls mat, right in the middle of the mat is a lump of blooming wood to get in your way.

This is called the Center Block. Grrr

So now you have to direct your wood passed the center block, then let the bias of the wood take over and as it slows down the wood coasts up to the Jack and get your wood to sit next to the Jack and that's it!

The Opposing Team
The Opposing Team

After all woods have been bowled the by you and your  players and the players from the opposite team. Then team with the most woods closest to the Jack gets the points. 

Then you carry on playing the next end in the same fashion until the end of the game. "Such fun"... There is lots more to the game. You will learn these skills with practise. 

The great Guru says, "Line, Length and Luck"

Come and give it a try.

The Janet and John Version

Short Mat bowls is played as it says on a mat. The mat is 45ft long and 6ft wide. The idea is to bowl your wood along the mat to the other end and get as close to a little yellow ball called the Jack. 

Sounds easy!!

The woods are made a little uneven, one side of the wood is a little bigger on one side. This is called the bias, so the wood then starts to curve inwards as the wood starts to slow down along the mat.

The Center Block !!
The Center Block !!

Of course, the naughty people in the opposition team will be trying to do the same.

They may knock your wood out of the way to get even closer to the Jack.

So you may have to go one better, you then bowl your next wood to try and beat their wood. Etc.

Checking to see who is closest.
Checking to see who is closest.